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2 DJ Justin Pitlik in Wisconsin
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Mesmerizing Add Ons.

At our core, we’re not just about music; we’re about creating experiences that leave lasting memories. What sets us apart? Our collection of cool add-ons that elevate your celebration to the extraordinary. From mesmerizing LED dance floors to immersive 360 photo booths, and enchanting cold sparks and silk flames, we bring a touch of magic to every event. Explore the possibilities, and let’s turn your occasion into something truly exceptional. DJ Justin Pitlik – where cool meets unforgettable!

LED Dance Floor

Step into a world of glamour with our LED Dance Floor. Watch as every move becomes a dazzling display of light and color, transforming your event into a vibrant spectacle.

360 Booth

Capture moments from every angle with our 360 Photo Booth. This immersive experience captures the essence of your event, providing shareable and unforgettable memories.

Cold Sparks

Ignite excitement with our Cold Sparks. These safe indoor pyrotechnics add a dramatic touch to grand entrances, first dances, or any moment you want to make truly unforgettable.

Open Air Photo Booth

Create unforgettable memories with our Open Air Photo Booth, complete with prints, text message delivery, and customizable backdrops for a personalized touch at your event.

Glow Sticks

Infuse energy into the crowd with Glow Sticks. These vibrant accessories add a playful and dynamic element, turning your event into a lively and memorable experience.

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